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Automating the accessibility tests of your source code with GitHub Actions

Automating your accessibility tests with libraries like axe, pa11y, lighthouse, or unit tests directly in your GitHub repository is really easy with GitHub Actions.

Testing Web Accessibility - Part 3

Only 20% to 50% of all accessibility issues can be detected with automated tests, so we need to consider those automated accessibility tests as one step of a larger testing process.

Testing Web Accessibility - Part 2

Sometimes we, as developers, inherit and old codebase, or we join a project where no one took care of web accessibility tests. In those situations, you would maybe want to test the whole DOM structure of the application.

Testing Web Accessibility - Part 1

Our role as frontend and web developers is to create clear interfaces to make people understand and care about data, independently of their disabilities or impairments, so the only way to be sure that the websites we develop are fully accessible is to test our code.