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Adrián Bolonio

Hi, my name is Adrián Bolonio. I’m an experienced Team Lead, Frontend Developer, and Web Accessibility (a11y) advocate. I'm from Spain, but since 2012 I've been living and working in Vienna (Austria). When I’m not at the office I enjoy a good read, working my way through any delicious recipe, and indulging my love for travelling to new places.

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Creating a React library based on the collection of accessible PUXL SVG icons

I decided to create a React library based on the collection of accessible PUXL icons library, an open source collection of more than 300 SVG icons custom tailored for PUXL framework, each with its own accessible title and description.

Testing Web Accessibility - Part 3 - Testing in the browser

Automated accessibility tests can free up your quality assurance (QA) team from manual testing every part of your application, but they can’t automatically make your site accessible. Only 20% to 50% of all accessibility issues can be detected with automated tests, so we need to consider those automated accessibility tests as one step of a larger testing process.

Testing Web Accessibility - Part 2 - Testing the DOM

Sometimes we, as developers, inherit and old codebase, or we join a project where no one took care of web accessibility tests. In those situations, you would maybe want to test the whole DOM structure of the application.