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Me giving a talk. The picture is taken from the back of the room, so the audience appears in foreground and the stage in background. In the picture my name Adrián Bolonio is written


Hi, my name is Adrián Bolonio. I currently work as an Accessibility Software Engineer at GitHub as part of a talented, diverse, and motivated team that will work on making GitHub and the Internet a better and more accessible place for everyone. When I’m not at the office I enjoy a good read, working my way through any delicious recipe, and indulging my love for travelling to new places.

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Automating the accessibility tests of your source code with GitHub Actions

Automating your accessibility tests with libraries like axe, pa11y, lighthouse, or unit tests directly in your GitHub repository is really easy with GitHub Actions.

How to test the accessibility of your components with Storybook

Developing accessible web sites isn't difficult if you use the right tools to test your components for accessibility, and Storybook is one of them.

Creating a React library based on the collection of accessible PUXL SVG icons

I decided to create a React library based on the collection of accessible PUXL icons library, an open source collection of more than 300 SVG icons custom tailored for PUXL framework, each with its own accessible title and description.

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Oct 2022Novi Sad, Serbia